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A high performance small business that operate several successful restaurants in Richmond, Virginia.

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Casa Del Barco is a project of Kevin Healy, owner of The Boathouse restaurants, that brings upscale Mexican cuisine, waterfront dining and a one-of-a-kind tequila bar to Richmond. Working with Executive Chef Todd Richardson the business is built upon traditional Guanajuato, Mexican heritage with fresh local ingredients and the top-notch service The Boathouse is known for. Casa Del Barco relies on exacting metrics and management of operations to achieve the highest quality food at marketable prices. Sandbox Engineer & Design provides support for Casa Del Barco's management team in their efforts to build business efficiency and provide 100% customer satisfaction in a highly competitive industry.

Casa Del Barco's management team recognizes the importance of integrating technology into their business processes and relies on Sandbox Engineering & Design to support their unique requirements.