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A successfully start-up company in Los Angles, California.

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Sandbox Team

Picture of Kevin Bretney
Kevin Bretney

Embedded designer for design, layout, and whole system integration. Experience with Microcontrollers, Electro-Mechanical Integration, and Multi-chip Communication. Additional work in Mechanical Design, Motion Control, Robotics. Read more.

Picture of Eamon Doyle
Eamon Doyle

Mechanical integrator for mechanical design, systems integration, and computer simulation. Expert in hardware-software integration. Experience with in automotive engineering and audio design. Read more.


Intuitive Motion Inc. is noted for their first product, the ZBoard. This intuitive, weight sensing electric skateboard gives the fun of a skateboard and the speed of a bike with an ease that neither has.

Intuitive Motion began with as a group of engineers with the desire to ride a better skateboard, and a vision of how to do it. They first asked themselves, “how exactly do we make a skateboard better?” Their solution: design a board that anyone can ride, and everyone can enjoy.

Sandbox Engineering & Design is working with Intuitive Motion to develop electronic hardware and software components for their prototypes and product. We provide the electrical engineering expertise to support their designs and bring their products to market.

From our early three-wheel design prototypes, to the world’s first truly hands-free electric skateboard, Intuitive Motion has maintained its relationship with the environment while providing a world-class boarding experience. Intuitive Motion continues to innovate the future of short range transportation with support from Sandbox Engineering & Design offering a solution not just to enthusiasts, but to everyone who seeks the freedom and thrill of moving around with little more than their mind.