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UPLIFT empowers college students against stress, anxiety, and depression.

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Sandbox Team

Picture of Matthew Roy
Matthew Roy

Mechanical guru for modeling, design, testing, and manufacturing. Experience with complex systems including aerospace and defense products. Read more.

Picture of Kevin Bretney
Kevin Bretney

Embedded designer for design, layout, and whole system integration. Experience with Microcontrollers, Electro-Mechanical Integration, and Multi-chip Communication. Additional work in Mechanical Design, Motion Control, Robotics. Read more.

Picture of Eamon Doyle
Eamon Doyle

Mechanical integrator for mechanical design, systems integration, and computer simulation. Expert in hardware-software integration. Experience with in automotive engineering and audio design. Read more.


Project UPLIFT is a touring college event designed to empower college students as their own first line of defense against stress, anxiety, and depression by generating awareness and excitement about existing mental health resources on campuses.

Project UPLIFT is led by Founder & CEO Zach Valenti who is taking the stigma surrounding mental health head on, raising awareness and generating excitement about life-saving university resources. Their innovative products interface with students using the latest biofeedback technology, leveraging computer-brain-interfaces to make mindfulness fun and exciting.

Sandbox Engineering & Design supports Project UPLIFT by providing development and engineering support for prototypes and end products. Project UPLIFT needs projects delivered on time and on budget, implementing their ideas and providing engineering support to deliver their services to universities on schedule. Sandbox Engineering & Design's services have met or exceeded Project UPLIFT's requirements.