CANbus Sensors

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Modular sensors for electro-mechanical control in prototyping.

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Project Team

Picture of Matthew Roy
Matthew Roy

Mechanical guru for modeling, design, testing, and manufacturing. Experience with complex systems including aerospace and defense products. Read more.

Picture of Kevin Bretney
Kevin Bretney

Embedded designer for design, layout, and whole system integration. Experience with Microcontrollers, Electro-Mechanical Integration, and Multi-chip Communication. Additional work in Mechanical Design, Motion Control, Robotics. Read more.

Picture of Eamon Doyle
Eamon Doyle

Mechanical integrator for mechanical design, systems integration, and computer simulation. Expert in hardware-software integration. Experience with in automotive engineering and audio design. Read more.


Working with clients and prototyping, Sandbox Engineering & Design, noticed that many early prototypes need sensing to test and develop the mechanisms of action. The earlier in the prototyping process this can be accomplished, the sooner risk can be reduced and the most workable solution identified. To meet this need in our process Sandbox Engineering & Design developed a set of CNAbus-based sensors with designs that can be reused off-the-shelf for projects, making it easier to get to a first functional prototype in a short time.

CANbus is a open protocol used to exchange information on a flexible and extensible network. Sandbox Engineering & Design is actively working on several sets of commodity sensors and control modules that can be cheaply and quickly deployed to support rapid prototyping of complex electro-mechanical systems. These sensors are in active use internally and are in development for future commercial release.

The development of these modular sensors designs enables Sandbox Engineering & Design to provide greater value to our customers at lower cost and faster cycle times.