Restaurant Analytics

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Software to analyze business processes, collect data, and deliver measurably improved results.

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Project Team

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Matthew Roy

Mechanical guru for modeling, design, testing, and manufacturing. Experience with complex systems including aerospace and defense products. Read more.


The restaurant analytics engine is a set of software tools used to collect and analyze customer and business data from independent (though not necessarily small) restaurants and produce actionable information that can be used to make business decisions small and large. It is currently in production use for three clients. The project has produced measurable results for all three clients, allowing them to respond more quickly to customer needs and remain agile in a competitive market.

Development is ongoing to create enhanced and additional features as well as to expand support for additional clients.

RAE supports loading data from Crystal Point's Point of Sale Terminals and QSR Automation's Kitchen Displays. Work to integrate with MICROS point of sale systems is in development.