Ruggedized Kiosks

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Integrated software and hardware for ruggedized video kiosks in an industrial environment.

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Project Team

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Matthew Roy

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Sandbox Engineering & Design developed and integrated software and hardware for ruggedized video kiosks for use in an industrial environment. The kiosks provide workers on the floor with rapid and easy access to training materials. The systems are in production for the first site and will ultimately be deployed at all the client's facilities.

Usability was a key factor in the development of these video kiosks because of their placement in the client's production area. The systems had to be easy to use and reliable to ensure that they contributed to effective production and integrated seamless to provide ongoing training for the client's workforce.

Reliability and maintainability were also key performance requirements. The client needed a solution that would require minimal software maintenance and little or no hardware maintenance for its 5-year lifetime. This required the hardware and software systems to be optimized for the environment - a particular challenge given the industrial environment and the amounts of oil and particulate contaminants the systems are exposed to.

The product provided by Sandbox Engineering & Design is meeting and exceeding all of the customer's requirements at their first production facility. Additional deployments are planned in the future fort the customer's remaining facilities.