Aisaku Pradhan

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Electrical Engineer

Extensive experience in Management, Marketing, and Human Factors Design. Additional work in Communications, Software Development, and Embedded Design

Skills: Experience programming in Labview, Verilog, Java, Python, Occam Pi, C, C#, C++, Matlab and Visual Basic programming languages.

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Aisaku Pradhan is an engineer who has a passion for innovative products and solutions that reflect both the dreams of the end users and business realities. One of the founding members of Sandbox, Aisaku contributes business savvy, product design, interface design and technical expertise to the team. Whether the challenge involves sensor integration, microcontrollers, balance sheets or all three Aisaku can help clients take their product ideas to the next level through user centered methodologies, target market analysis and technical development.

As an alumni of both the FW Olin College of Engineering and Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College with degrees in Electrical & Computer Engineering and Management, Aisaku has valuable experience in engineering, product development, marketing and business strategy. He has designed tangible user interfaces for the blind, created power saving devices, engineered air filtration systems for use in active combat zones, worked on sensor integration for robotic systems and defined market placement for product lines belonging to a large multinational corporation. Possessing both an engineering and business skill set, Aisaku can help you reach both your product development and long terms business goals.

In his spare time, Aisaku enjoys photography, tennis and traveling.