Eamon Doyle

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Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical integrator for mechanical design, systems integration, and computer simulation. Expert in hardware-software integration. Experience with in automotive engineering and audio design.

Skills: Programming: MATLAB, Simulink, Perl, Python, Java, C
CAD: Solidworks, Inventor, COMSOL
Misc Computer: Unix administration, Apache, MySQL

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Project UPLIFT

Mind controlled hovering Earth beach ball. Read more.

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ZBoard Motion Controller

Motor controller to integrate sensors and high speed control algorithms for mass manufacturing. Read more.

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CANbus Sensors

Modular sensors for electro-mechanical control in prototyping. Read more.

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Interactive Toy

Software, electronic hardware, and control system design for AI personality and electro-mechanical control. Read more.


Eamon Doyle, a founding member of Sandbox, is an engineer from Los Angeles. He provides expertise in mechanical design, computer simulation, and program implementation. His unique background in medical devices and technology combined with his personal interests in automotive modifications and research into high-speed MRI techniques provides the tools to work on interdisciplinary systems integration projects.

While pursuing his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at Olin College of Engineering, Eamon worked with the Olin senior capstone program assisting the Boston Scientific teams with mechanical design for endoscopic devices. In his final year of the program, he acted as the Project Manager and Technical Team Lead. His other undergraduate work included systems integration projects, automotive engineering and customization, and research into fat quantitation and magnetic field inhomogeneity correction in high-field cardiac MRI scanning. Projects of note include adding fuel injection to small and automotive gasoline engines, mechanical design and implementation of custom automotive parts and adapters, and a Lego car active independent suspension system.

In addition to his work with Sandbox, Eamon is currently completing his Ph.D. and Masters of Biomedical Engineering as well as his Master of Electrical Engineering at the University of Southern California. His graduate work involves better characterizing biological signals received during MRI scans of the liver. He builds physiologically accurate computer simulations of liver tissue to simulate the signals that they generate in varying conditions. This allows experiments to be conducted without the high cost of prototyping sequences and hardware prior to data acquisition. In tandem, his work in pulse sequence design in the Wood Lab at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles and the Magnetic Resonance Engineering Lab at USC will lead to high-speed signal acquisition that allows the characterization of tissues with very rapid signal decay.

Outside his graduate engineering endeavors, Eamon enjoys working on his car, building audio systems, understanding computer networks and large dataset processing, rock climbing, and distance running.