Kevin Bretney

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Electrical Engineer

Embedded designer for design, layout, and whole system integration. Experience with Microcontrollers, Electro-Mechanical Integration, and Multi-chip Communication. Additional work in Mechanical Design, Motion Control, Robotics.

Skills: Eagle, P-CAD 2006, Altium 10, Solidworks 2006-2012, Autodesk Inventor, MATLAB, Simulink, C, C++, Python, Microchip PIC, Atmel AVR, MSP430, STM32, Nordic Wireless chipsets, RS485, CAN, USB, MS Office, Linux

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Picture of Project UPLIFT
Project UPLIFT

Mind controlled hovering Earth beach ball. Read more.

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ZBoard Motion Controller

Motor controller to integrate sensors and high speed control algorithms for mass manufacturing. Read more.

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CANbus Sensors

Modular sensors for electro-mechanical control in prototyping. Read more.

Picture of Interactive Toy
Interactive Toy

Software, electronic hardware, and control system design for AI personality and electro-mechanical control. Read more.


Kevin Bretney is an Electrical and Computer Engineer hailing from San Diego, CA and one of the founders of Sandbox Engineering and Design. Kevin brings broad experience and knowledge of electronics design and manufacturing to Sandbox. With knowledge spanning from mixed signal microcontroller circuit design and layout to high current control circuitry, Kevin can asses the clients requirements and select components and methods to ensure low cost and power while maintaining maximal performance.

As a graduate of Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, Kevin has extensive co-located and distributed multi-disciplinary project management experience. He has worked on projects ranging from a low cost 3D imaging system to gyroscopic stabilization control of a 2 wheeled vehicle. As an example of a multidisciplinary approach to problems, he was tasked with and completed the setup of a new manufacturing location for Perfect Switch LLC. He analyzed the current operation, determined optimal workflow patterns, created layout diagrams of the new location, designed and produced substations including an automated pneumatic TO-264 pin forming station and a scalable 21kW adjustable power supply and load bank with measurement recording.

In addition to production and mechanical design projects some circuit design and firmware projects include: a multi-node, modular flight simulator interface system, a robust, USB connected Electric skateboard control board, and a cell-level Lithium battery pack monitoring and balance system. He assesses problems from electrical, mechanical and production viewpoints to make sure the solution will be optimal for the client's short and longer term interests.

When he is not engineering his way through work, he can usually be found dancing West Coast Swing or brewing a new batch of tasty beer.