Our Goal

Sandbox Engineering & Design exists to turn your ideas into reality. Our goal is to work with you to develop your ideas to prototypes and your prototypes into functional products. Our team has extensive experience developing products and taking them to production. We can provide your company with the support you need to realize your ideas on time and on budget.

Complex ideas have complex challenges and require detailed engineering expertise to achieve. Sandbox Engineering & Design can provide you with the engineering support you need. Whether you just need electrical engineering support for board layout; mechanical engineering support for manufacturing, or complete prototype and product development, Sandbox Engineering & Design can support you.

Take a look at some of these projects that we've worked on. They're all disclosable example of our outstanding work. If you'd like references, feel free to contact us.

When you're ready to to learn more about our process and how we can work with you to realize your ideas, contact us and we'll get started.


Picture of Project UPLIFT
Project UPLIFT

Mind controlled hovering Earth beach ball. Read more.

Picture of ZBoard Motion Controller
ZBoard Motion Controller

Motor controller to integrate sensors and high speed control algorithms for mass manufacturing. Read more.

Picture of CANbus Sensors
CANbus Sensors

Modular sensors for electro-mechanical control in prototyping. Read more.

Picture of Ruggedized Kiosks
Ruggedized Kiosks

Integrated software and hardware for ruggedized video kiosks in an industrial environment. Read more.

Picture of Restaurant Analytics
Restaurant Analytics

Software to analyze business processes, collect data, and deliver measurably improved results. Read more.

Picture of Interactive Toy
Interactive Toy

Software, electronic hardware, and control system design for AI personality and electro-mechanical control. Read more.