Sandbox Engineering & Design was founded by Kevin Bretney, Eamon Doyle, Aisaku Pradhan, and Matthew Roy. The team sought to build a company that would be able to take on a variety of highly challenging problems over a wide spectrum of fields. By focusing upon innovative solutions bridging disciplinary gaps, they believed they could solve problems beyond the scope of traditional engineering departments at many companies. Ultimately, Sandbox Engineering & Design is here to realize your ideas. From ideas and concept we build your ideas into prototypes and products. In quantities of 1 or 1 million we're a team that can help you realize the idea.

The founders began working together to build Sandbox in 2009, starting our first fully-distributed joint project for a client. Since then we have helped start-ups and multi-million dollar companies across the United States realize their ideas. We specialize in working with entrepreneurs, start-ups, and innovative companies to realize products and ideas from simple to complex.

We have worked on projects at all stages of development and carried them through to prototype and full-scale manufacturing. Some of our clients and projects are listed with their permission.

If you have an idea, a concept, or a dream we can help you turn it into reality. Contact us to learn more about our process and how we can work with you to realize your ideas.

Sandbox Engineering & Design operates out of Boston, MA; Richmond, VA; Seattle, WA; and San Diego, CA.

The Team

Picture of Matthew Roy
Matthew Roy

Mechanical guru for modeling, design, testing, and manufacturing. Experience with complex systems including aerospace and defense products. Read more.

Picture of Kevin Bretney
Kevin Bretney

Embedded designer for design, layout, and whole system integration. Experience with Microcontrollers, Electro-Mechanical Integration, and Multi-chip Communication. Additional work in Mechanical Design, Motion Control, Robotics. Read more.

Picture of Eamon Doyle
Eamon Doyle

Mechanical integrator for mechanical design, systems integration, and computer simulation. Expert in hardware-software integration. Experience with in automotive engineering and audio design. Read more.

Picture of Aisaku Pradhan
Aisaku Pradhan

Extensive experience in Management, Marketing, and Human Factors Design. Additional work in Communications, Software Development, and Embedded Design Read more.